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Safety Solutions

Xiantao Zhibo is one of the biggest of safety products in Xiantao. We offer the products, services and expertise to help ensure your workplace meets today¡¯s strict safety standards and to help protect your employees. Investments in safety and training to reduce the risk of workplace injuries will save you time and money through a decrease in operating costs such as workers compensation and lost productivity

We offer:

• Quality name brand and private label products for total performance
• Dedicated sales specialists to help find the right product
• Specialized on-site training programs through our vendors
• Material Safety Data Sheet access through our website
• Convenient ways to order essential safety items ¨C call, go online or visit a local branch
• A National Technical Services team that can service and repair products to manufacturer and industry specifications

We provide:

• Personal Protective Garment
• First Aid Equipment & Supplies
• Information & Identification Products
• Safety Storage 
• Fire Protection
• Emergency Preparedness

Product solutions designed for your business

Zhibo team of sales specialists is in place to provide industry leading technical level product solutions. We offer product information, demonstration, support and even troubleshooting on products we sell. Our specialists can help you increase efficiencies and provide a safe work environment in a cost effective manner.

We offer:

• On-site surveys for product identification and needs analysis
• Qualitative fit testing
• Consultation on technical services
• Coordination of vendor product training programs

We Service What we Sell

XIANTAO ZHIBO Productsl Services  is your one stop solution for customized equipment maintenance and repair programs to ensure the safety and full productivity of your employees. What we will do let you feel it¡¯s a wise choice to choose us.
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