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Different types of seams are used on different garments to achieve different levels of protection

Type5&6  Garment Stitched or Serged Seam

This is an economical seam for general applications, Whilst providing mechanical strength it is not used for hazardous chemical protection. Serged seams are generally used on garments for light splash and dry particle protection


Type 5 & 6 Garments Bound seam

The seam is "wrapped with a folded strip of similar or stronger material and chain-stitched through all five layers in a single operation. This results in a tougher seam which also provides improved liquid and particle repellency at the seams as well as a tougher garment all round. A bound seam is not suitable for a chemical suit as it is not liquid tight.


Type 3 & 4 garments  Stitched&Heat Sealed seam

The seam is first stitched and sealed on the outside with a heat activated tape. This results in an impervious seam which is completely liquid-tight. As these seams are generally used for chemical suits the tape type is often constructed from a similar material to the garment fabric in order to maintain similar chemical permeation  properties.


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